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UChicago Urban Health Lab Led by CHeSS Director David Meltzer

via UChicago News

March 9, 2015


The University of Chicago is creating a new network of five Urban Labs to address some of the world's most daunting urban problems, and to realize the promise of cities in an era of unprecedented and rapid global urbanization.


Urban Labs will be launched with $15 million in seed funding, including a $10 million donation from the Pritzker Foundation. Building on the successful examples of the UChicago Crime Lab and Education Lab, this funding will enable the creation of three more related programs—the Health Lab, Energy and Environment Lab, and Poverty Lab. The Pritzker gift also will fund pilot projects by community groups, non-profits, or government agencies, to be selected through the Urban Labs Innovation Challenge. These projects will help propel research findings into tangible community improvements.


Each of the three new Urban Labs will be led by a faculty member who is a world leader in his or her field. David Meltzer, professor in Medicine, chief of Hospital Medicine at the University of Chicago Medicine and director of the Center for Health and the Social Sciences, will be director of the newly created Health Lab. Marianne Bertrand, the Chris P. Dialynas Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the Booth School of Business, has been named director of the Poverty Lab. The Energy and Environment Lab will be led by Michael Greenstone, the Milton Friedman Professor of Economics and the College, and director of the Energy Policy Institute of Chicago (EPIC).


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